Secop Unveils New Propane Compressors for Sustainable Cooling Solutions in Food Retail and Service

Secop, a global leader in compressor technology, has announced the introduction of their new KLF-CNDS and KLF-CNHS propane compressors. These innovative models are designed specifically for food retail and food service applications, offering a sustainable and reliable solution for maintaining optimal cooling temperatures.

Focus on Sustainability:

The KLF-CNDS and KLF-CNHS compressors utilize propane (R290) as the refrigerant, a natural gas with a significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to traditional refrigerants. This aligns with the growing industry trend towards adopting more environmentally friendly cooling solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a greener future.

Performance and Reliability:

Secop emphasizes the KLF series’ robustness and performance capabilities. These compressors boast an optimized muffler system designed to handle rapid load changes and extreme liquid return conditions, commonly encountered in food retail settings. This ensures smooth operation and efficient cooling even during peak demand periods.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Dedicated design: The KLF series is specifically tailored for applications like ice makers, coolers, and freezers, catering to the unique requirements of food retail and service environments.
  • Patented technology: Secop’s patented hermetic terminal plug prevents electrical arcing, enhancing system reliability and safety.
  • Hot gas defrosting: The compressors enable hot gas defrosting, a process that utilizes waste heat to remove ice from evaporator surfaces, improving energy efficiency.
  • Multiple voltage options: The KLF-CNDS operates on 220-240V, 50 Hz, while the KLF-CNHS caters to 115-127V, 60 Hz, offering compatibility with various electrical grids.

Impact and Future Outlook:

Secop’s introduction of these propane compressors signifies their commitment to sustainability and innovation in the compressor technology sector. The KLF series offers a compelling solution for food retail and service businesses seeking to achieve both environmental responsibility and reliable cooling performance. As the demand for eco-friendly refrigeration solutions continues to rise, Secop’s new compressors are well-positioned to play a significant role in the future of sustainable cooling across various industries.

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