Refrigeration Design and Service Acquires Dahms Refrigeration

Big news in the world of keeping things cool! Refrigeration Design and Service (RD&S), a company that designs, installs, and maintains industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, has acquired Dahms Refrigeration Services (DRS). This merger strengthens RD&S’s position in the industry.

Think of RD&S as the engineers and technicians who ensure grocery stores, warehouses, and factories have the frosty systems they need to keep things like food and medicine at the perfect temperature. DRS, on the other hand, specializes in similar services for the Pennsylvania area.

By joining forces, RD&S expands its reach and expertise. This means they can offer a wider range of services and cater to a larger customer base, especially in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Here’s what the key players are saying:

  • RD&S is excited to welcome the skilled team at DRS, according to Bil Sauer, RD&S’s president. This merger brings valuable knowledge and experience to the table.
  • Harry Gray, CEO of Kelvin Group (an investment firm that backs RD&S), sees this acquisition as a way to solidify RD&S’s leadership in the industry. He highlights the addition of skilled employees from DRS.

Overall, this deal seems like a win-win for both companies. RD&S gains a bigger footprint and more expertise, while DRS benefits from being part of a larger organization. The real winners, though, are likely the customers who rely on these companies to keep their refrigerators humming!

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