Keeping Cool on the Go: Technotrans Scores Major Order for E-Bus Battery Cooling Systems

The future of transportation is electric, and that includes buses! But keeping those powerful batteries cool can be a challenge. This is where a German company called technotrans comes in. They recently secured a major order for their innovative battery cooling systems, specifically designed for brand new electric buses across Europe.



Chill Out About Climate Change: New Refrigerant Regulations in the EU and USA

New EU and US regulations aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from refrigerants.

EU’s F-gas revision phases out high-GWP HFCs and encourages HFOs.
US EPA and individual states are taking action to curb harmful refrigerants.
Consumers can help by choosing energy-efficient appliances with eco-friendly refrigerants and supporting sustainable businesses.

These regulations promote a shift towards sustainable cooling solutions to combat climate change.