RTI Expands Footprint, Swallows Up Local Refrigerant Reclaim Hero: AllCool Joins the Fold

forget superheroes fighting crime, the real battle these days is against climate change. And in the world of refrigerant reclamation, Reclamation Technologies USA (RTI) just unlocked a hidden power-up: acquiring local Maryland hero, AllCool Refrigerant Reclaim.

For over 20 years, AllCool has been the go-to guy for recovering and reclaiming spent refrigerants in the Mid-Atlantic, keeping them out of landfills, and ensuring environmental compliance. Now, they’re joining forces with RTI, a national force in this green crusade.

But this isn’t just about muscle flexing. This acquisition is a strategic move to expand RTI’s reach and expertise:

  • East Coast Coverage: RTI’s national network stretches from Florida to Texas, but the East Coast was a blind spot. AllCool fills that gap perfectly, giving RTI a foothold in a key market.
  • Complementary Skills: AllCool excels in on-site recovery and cylinder exchange, while RTI focuses on large-scale reclamation facilities. Together, they offer a complete package for customers of all sizes.
  • Sustainability Synergy: Both companies share a deep commitment to environmental responsibility. AllCool’s local presence and expertise will strengthen RTI’s green mission, contributing to a healthier planet.

And what about the future? Don’t expect AllCool to disappear behind a corporate mask. This acquisition is about empowerment, not assimilation.

  • Local Heroes Stay Local: AllCool’s team and familiar faces will remain, ensuring continuity and trust for existing customers.
  • Expanded Services: Customers can now access RTI’s wider range of services, including customized reclamation solutions and advanced separation technology.
  • Investing in the Future:¬†RTI plans to invest in AllCool’s facilities and infrastructure,¬†further strengthening its capabilities and service offerings.

This isn’t just an acquisition; it’s a partnership forged in the fires of environmental responsibility. RTI and AllCool, combined, become a formidable force for sustainability, ensuring that spent refrigerants find new life, not a landfill grave.

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