YORK Heats Up Canada with Powerful New Air-to-Water Heat Pump

YORK, a leading name in climate control solutions, is making waves in the Canadian market with the launch of their all-new YMAE 575 V Air-to-Water Inverter Scroll Modular Heat Pump. Designed specifically for the Canadian climate, this innovative heat pump boasts high-efficiency operation and compatibility with the country’s stringent regulations.

Built for Tough Canadian Winters:

The YMAE 575 V is engineered to tackle Canada’s harsh winters. It boasts the ability to deliver hot water at temperatures reaching a toasty 140°F (60°C) even in low ambient conditions, ensuring year-round comfort for Canadian homeowners.

Meeting Canadian Standards:

Compliance with Canadian regulations is a major focus for YORK. The YMAE 575 V meets all Canadian Registration Number (CRN) requirements for pressurized equipment in most provinces. This ensures a smooth installation process and peace of mind for homeowners and contractors alike.

Powering Up with Efficiency:

Efficiency is a key feature of the YMAE 575 V. It utilizes R32 refrigerant, an eco-friendly choice with a lower global warming potential compared to traditional refrigerants. This translates to lower operating costs for homeowners and a reduced environmental footprint.

A Perfect Fit for Various Homes:

The YMAE 575 V comes in two pressure options – mid-static and high-static. This caters to the specific needs of different homes. Mid-static is ideal for standard houses, while the high-static option tackles larger residences with longer duct runs, ensuring optimal airflow throughout the entire home.

Innovation Meets Sustainability:

YORK’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the YMAE 575 V. This heat pump offers a decarbonized heating and cooling solution, aligning perfectly with Canada’s growing focus on clean energy.

Looking Ahead: A Warmer, Greener Future for Canadian Homes

The launch of the YMAE 575 V Air-to-Water Heat Pump signifies YORK’s dedication to providing Canadians with efficient and eco-friendly climate control solutions. With its ability to handle harsh winters, meet Canadian regulations, and prioritize efficiency, the YMAE 575 V is poised to become a popular choice for homeowners seeking year-round comfort while keeping sustainability in mind.

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