LAUDA Unveils Powerful Ultratemp Process Thermostats for Biotech and Industrial Applications

LAUDA, a leading manufacturer of constant temperature equipment, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Ultratemp process thermostats. Tailored for the demanding requirements of biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, and various industrial applications, these thermostats offer robust performance and precise temperature control.

High Heating and Cooling Capacity:

The Ultratemp series comprises three models with varying heating and cooling capacities: 25 kW, 35 kW, and 50 kW. This significant heat output enables them to quickly heat or cool large volumes of liquids, making them ideal for applications like bioreactor temperature regulation, where maintaining specific temperature ranges is crucial.

Precise Temperature Control:

Beyond their power, the Ultratemp thermostats boast exceptional temperature control capabilities. They can precisely regulate external consuming units within a range of -5 °C to 60 °C, ensuring consistent and accurate temperature conditions for sensitive processes. This level of precision is essential for various applications, from cell cultures and laboratory experiments to industrial processes requiring specific temperature parameters.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Splash-proof design: The stainless steel housing with an IP 54 protection rating provides protection against water splashes, facilitating easy cleaning and maintaining hygiene in laboratory or production environments.
  • Intuitive operation: Function buttons and a clear LCD display enable straightforward operation, even for users unfamiliar with the equipment. Additionally, the integrated Ethernet interface allows remote monitoring and control via a PC or control station, enhancing convenience and operational flexibility.
  • Non-flammable media: The use of water or water-glycol as temperature control media ensures safe operation, eliminating fire hazards associated with flammable liquids. This makes them suitable for applications where safety is paramount.
  • Wide ambient temperature range: The Ultratemp thermostats can operate within an ambient temperature range of -15 °C to 50 °C, demonstrating their adaptability to diverse working environments.

Overall, the LAUDA Ultratemp process thermostats represent a significant addition to the company’s portfolio, offering a powerful and user-friendly solution for precise temperature control in demanding applications across various industries.

Availability and Potential Impact:

While LAUDA hasn’t yet announced the official launch date or pricing details, the introduction of the Ultratemp series signifies the company’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable temperature control solutions. These thermostats are expected to find widespread adoption in biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, and various industrial sectors, where precise temperature control plays a critical role in ensuring efficient and successful processes.

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