Johnson Controls Blows into New Territory: Expanded Line of Rooftop Units (RTUs)Launched

Johnson Controls, a well-known name in smart and sustainable buildings, is making a splash in the commercial air conditioning market. They’ve just announced the launch of an expanded line of rooftop units (RTUs) designed for larger buildings – the all-new YORK® Sun™ Premier 90-150 ton models.

What are Rooftop Units (RTUs)?

Think of RTUs as the giants of air conditioning. These self-contained units sit on the roof of a building and handle both heating and cooling needs. They’re commonly used in large commercial buildings like offices, hospitals, and schools.

Why is the New Line Exciting?

The new YORK® Sun™ Premier 90-150 ton RTUs offer several advantages for building owners and operators:

  • Powerhouse Performance: These units are designed for superior efficiency, exceeding both Department of Energy (DOE) requirements and achieving the highest tier ratings from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). This translates to lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Johnson Controls is a leader in sustainable building technologies, and the new RTUs reflect that commitment. They utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants and advanced airflow and heat transfer technologies.
  • Right-Sized Comfort: With a wider tonnage range (from 90 to 150 tons), Johnson Controls offers more flexibility for building owners. They can choose the perfect unit size to meet the specific needs of their building, avoiding over- or under-capacity situations.
  • Streamlined Maintenance: The new RTUs are designed for easier maintenance, potentially reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Focus on Sustainability

The launch of these energy-efficient RTUs aligns with Johnson Controls’ commitment to creating healthy and sustainable buildings. By offering solutions that reduce energy consumption and utilize environmentally friendly technologies, they’re helping building owners meet their sustainability goals.

A Win-Win for Building Owners and the Environment

Johnson Controls’ expanded line of YORK® Sun™ Premier RTUs is a win-win proposition. Building owners benefit from powerful, efficient air conditioning systems that can help reduce operational costs. At the same time, these sustainable solutions contribute to a greener future.

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