Magnavale Ramps Up Storage in Chesterfield: Expansion Nears Completion

Calling all fridge-fillers and temperature-controlled connoisseurs! Magnavale, a leading provider of temperature-controlled storage solutions, is nearing the finish line on their exciting expansion project at their Chesterfield facility. This significant investment will significantly boost their capacity to keep your chilled and frozen goods perfectly preserved.

Why the Expansion in Chesterfield?

Magnavale’s Chesterfield site has always been a key player in their network. With a growing demand for temperature-controlled storage space in the area, they decided to supersize their capabilities. This expansion translates to good news for businesses in the region:

  • More Space for Your Goods: The project will add a whopping 25,000 pallet positions to the existing capacity, bringing the total storage space at the Chesterfield facility to a cool 69,000 pallets. That’s a lot of room to keep things chilled or frozen!
  • Catering to Existing and New Clients: The expansion allows Magnavale to accommodate the increasing needs of their current Chesterfield customers. Additionally, it opens doors for new businesses seeking reliable temperature-controlled storage solutions.

Reaching New Milestones

The project has been steadily progressing, and Magnavale has hit some important milestones:

  • Cladding Complete: The protective outer walls and roof of the expansion are now finished, ensuring a weatherproof environment for your valuable goods.
  • Concrete Slab Poured: The solid foundation for the new storage area is complete, paving the way for the next stage of construction.
  • Loading Dock Doors Up Next: Installation of loading dock doors is on the horizon, making it easier to get your goods in and out efficiently.
  • Racking Up for Storage: With the concrete slab complete, Magnavale can now begin installing the racking systems that will hold all those extra pallets.

Looking Ahead to a Chilly Future

Magnavale’s commitment to Chesterfield is clear. The expansion project is expected to be completed soon, offering businesses even more options for their temperature-controlled storage needs. This is great news for the region’s economic growth and ensures Magnavale remains a leader in keeping things cool.

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