Danfoss Powers Up for ACT Expo: Showcasing Tech to Electrify Commercial Vehicles

The future of transportation is electric, and Danfoss, a leading player in power solutions, is taking center stage at the upcoming Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas. From May 20th to 23rd, Danfoss will be showcasing their latest innovations designed to revolutionize the electrification of commercial vehicles.

Danfoss: A One-Stop Shop for EV Solutions

Imagine a world where giant trucks and rumbling buses hum silently down the highway, leaving behind no harmful emissions. This vision is inching closer to reality thanks to companies like Danfoss. At ACT Expo, Danfoss will be a one-stop shop for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to electrify their commercial vehicle fleets.

What’s on Display at the Danfoss Booth?

Visitors to the Danfoss booth (booth number 2971) can expect to see a wide range of products crucial for building efficient and powerful electric commercial vehicles. Here are some highlights:

  • Electric Motors: The heart of any electric vehicle, Danfoss will showcase their latest electric motors, known for their power, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Converters: Efficiently converting power from batteries to usable energy for electric motors is essential. Danfoss will present their advanced converter solutions.
  • Compressors: Maintaining a comfortable temperature in electric trucks and buses is important. Danfoss will feature their electric compressors designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Power Modules: These compact units integrate various power electronics, simplifying the design process for EV manufacturers. Danfoss will be displaying their power module solutions.
  • Valves: Ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance requires efficient control of fluids. Danfoss will showcase their valves designed for electric vehicle applications.

A Special Focus: The Editron ED3 Onboard Charger

Among the many products on display, the Editron ED3 onboard charger is a standout. This innovative charger delivers a whopping 43 kilowatts of AC charging power, enabling overnight charging of commercial electric vehicles. This not only reduces downtime for fleet operators but also makes the transition to electric vehicles more practical.

Helping OEMs on Their Electrification Journey

Danfoss recognizes that the shift to electric vehicles requires a collaborative effort. At ACT Expo, they aim to connect with OEMs at all stages of their electrification journey. Whether an OEM is just starting out or looking to further optimize their electric vehicle designs, Danfoss will be there to provide expertise and support.

A Brighter, Cleaner Future for Transportation

Danfoss’ presence at ACT Expo highlights the growing momentum behind electric commercial vehicles. By showcasing their innovative technologies, Danfoss is playing a key role in creating a cleaner and more sustainable transportation landscape for the future.

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