Honeywell Offers Free A2L Refrigerant Safety Training Course

In an evolving HVACR industry, traditional refrigerants are making way for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives known as Low GWP refrigerants. Honeywell, a leading brand in this sector, offers a free A2L Refrigerant Safety Training Course for industry professionals, providing crucial insights into the safe handling of these refrigerants.

This online course, available for 120 days at no cost, is a timely resource. With the industry adopting Low GWP refrigerants and slightly flammable A2L refrigerants, such as hydrocarbons, additional safety measures are essential. The training aims to equip technicians and students with the necessary knowledge to handle these refrigerants securely.

The course covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for safe refrigerant handling, including refrigerant safety, properties, the refrigeration cycle, guidelines for installation and service, dealing with refrigerant blends, and considerations for flammable refrigerants. Moreover, it elaborates on the associated codes and standards for A2L refrigerants, essential for industry compliance.

The program is designed for individuals at all stages of their HVACR careers: students, apprentices, and seasoned technicians. Upon completion, participants will be well-prepared for ESCO Institute’s Low GWP Refrigerant Safety Certification exam, although the certification exam itself is separate and not included in the course.

This initiative by Honeywell underscores its commitment to advancing safety standards within the HVACR industry and ensuring that professionals possess the necessary skills to adapt to the changing landscape of refrigerants. The complimentary access, for a limited time, provides an opportunity for technicians to enhance their expertise in handling mildly flammable refrigerants, contributing to a safer working environment for all.

Note: The certification exam is separate and not included in the course.

What You Will Learn:

This course provides students and practicing technicians with the information and knowledge necessary to safely work with mildly flammable refrigerants.

Refrigerant safety

Introduction to Low GWP refrigerants

Refrigerant properties and characteristics

The refrigeration cycle

Working with refrigerant blends

Proper installation and service guidelines

Flammable refrigerant considerations

Explanation of the associated codes and standards for A2L refrigerants

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Honeywell Offers Free ESCO Institute A2L Safety Course for HVACR Professionals

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