Honeywell Offers Free ESCO Institute A2L Safety Course for HVACR Professionals

In a timely move to address the growing adoption of A2L refrigerants in the HVACR industry, Honeywell Refrigerants is offering a free four-hour ESCO A2L Refrigerant Safety Training Course to HVACR professionals for the next two weeks. This initiative aims to equip technicians with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely handle and work with A2L refrigerants, ensuring the continued safety and efficiency of HVACR systems.

The Importance of A2L Safety Training

A2L refrigerants, also known as mildly flammable refrigerants, are becoming increasingly prevalent in the HVACR industry due to their environmental benefits and reduced global warming potential (GWP). However, the mildly flammable nature of these refrigerants requires technicians to have specialized training to ensure safe handling and prevent potential hazards.

Course Overview and Benefits

The ESCO A2L Refrigerant Safety Training Course provides comprehensive coverage of the essential safety considerations for working with A2L refrigerants. The course covers topics such as:

  • Properties and characteristics of A2L refrigerants
  • Refrigerant safety regulations and standards
  • Identifying and assessing A2L refrigerant hazards
  • Proper handling, storage, and transportation procedures
  • Leak detection, repair, and evacuation techniques
  • Emergency response procedures

By completing this course, HVACR professionals will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to safely work with A2L refrigerants, minimizing potential risks and ensuring compliance with industry safety standards.

Accessing the Free Course

To access the free ESCO A2L Refrigerant Safety Training Course, HVACR professionals can watch an introductory session that was recently live-streamed on YouTube. The introduction provides an overview of the course and includes a link that will take viewers to the four-hour training module.

Honeywell’s Commitment to Safety

Honeywell’s commitment to safety extends beyond offering free training courses. The company also provides a range of A2L refrigerant safety resources, including technical documentation, safety guidelines, and training materials. Additionally, Honeywell offers a comprehensive portfolio of A2L refrigerants and associated equipment, designed to meet the evolving needs of the HVACR industry.


Honeywell’s initiative to provide free A2L refrigerant safety training underscores the importance of safety in the HVACR industry. By equipping technicians with the necessary knowledge and skills, Honeywell is helping to ensure the safe and efficient adoption of A2L refrigerants, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly HVACR landscape.

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