YORK’s New CYK Centrifugal Heat Pump Saves Space & Boosts Efficiency

The landscape of commercial cooling and heating just got a major shakeup, and it’s all thanks to YORK, the global leader in innovative climate control solutions. Brace yourselves for the YORK CYK 400, a revolutionary compact centrifugal heat pump that packs a punching 400-ton capacity in a smaller-than-ever footprint. Buckle up as we dive into the game-changing features of this efficiency beast:

Small Size, Big Power:

Let’s face it, space is precious in commercial buildings. The CYK 400 understands this dilemma. It shrinks the traditional CYK footprint by 20%, freeing up valuable real estate for your business needs. But don’t let the compact design fool you. This powerhouse delivers a staggering 400 tons of heating and cooling capacity, ensuring peak performance and optimal comfort for your entire building.

Efficiency Reigns Supreme:

The CYK 400 isn’t just about size; it’s about unmatched efficiency. YORK has re-engineered its signature compound centrifugal technology to deliver up to 50% lower water and operational costs compared to traditional boiler and chiller combinations. This translates to significant energy savings, reduced environmental impact, and a healthier bottom line for your business.

Double the Bundle, Double the Advantage:

YORK doesn’t stop at efficiency; it gives you flexibility and control. The CYK 400 comes equipped with double bundle condenser technology, allowing you to effectively manage unbalanced load conditions. This means even when your cooling needs skyrocket and heating takes a backseat (or vice versa), the CYK 400 adapts seamlessly, maintaining optimal comfort while minimizing energy waste.

Sustainable Choice, Seamless Installation:

The CYK 400 isn’t just efficient; it’s environmentally friendly. It utilizes R1234ze or R515B refrigerants, both with significantly lower global warming potential compared to traditional options. Furthermore, the pump’s design is compatible with existing high-temperature hot water heating systems, eliminating the need for costly equipment upgrades and minimizing installation disruptions.

A Revolution, Not Just a Product:

The CYK 400 isn’t just a new heat pump; it’s a paradigm shift for commercial climate control. Its compact size, unmatched efficiency, adaptable technology, and sustainable design make it the perfect choice for forward-thinking businesses seeking exceptional performance, lower costs, and a smaller environmental footprint.

YORK has once again shown why it’s the leader in climate control innovation. The CYK 400 is more than just a product; it’s a powerful statement about the future of sustainable and efficient comfort solutions. With this compact powerhouse hitting the market, the bar for commercial cooling and heating has just been raised, and YORK is leading the charge.

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