Alfa Lu-Ve Expands Its Air Cooler Portfolio: More Options for Optimal Cooling Across Industries

Alfa Lu-Ve, a leading Italian manufacturer of heat exchangers, is making waves in the industrial cooling sector with the expansion of its air cooler range. The new Optigo FCC coolers cater specifically to HFC, CO2, and brine refrigerants, offering enhanced versatility and flexibility for diverse cooling applications.

Cooling Power Tailored to Your Needs:

The Optigo FCC line boasts two fan diameter options: 450mm and 500mm. This allows for precise tailoring of cooling capacity to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the application. Whether you’re cooling a power plant, a computer server room, or a delicate greenhouse, there’s an Optigo FCC cooler just right for you.

Individual Filter Finesse:

Gone are the days of sifting through generic specifications. Alfa Lu-Ve understands the need for precise control in industrial cooling. The Optigo FCC series empowers you to define up to five operating points for your fan, including airflow, static pressure, and noise level. This ensures the chosen cooler delivers the exact performance you need, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption and noise pollution.

Beyond Fans: A Symphony of Cooling Features:

The Optigo FCC isn’t just about powerful fans. Alfa Lu-Ve has packed this series with features designed to maximize efficiency and adaptability:

  • Voltage and frequency flexibility: Choose from a range of voltage and frequency options to seamlessly integrate the coolers into your existing electrical infrastructure.
  • Motor technology options: Select between AC or EC motors based on your noise reduction and energy efficiency priorities.
  • Installation versatility: The compact design and lightweight construction facilitate easy installation and integration into tight spaces.
  • Durable construction: High-quality materials and meticulous manufacturing ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

A FanGrid for Every Challenge:

Alfa Lu-Ve’s commitment to innovation extends beyond individual coolers. The FanGrid technology allows you to combine multiple Optigo FCC units to create a customized cooling system capable of tackling even the most demanding applications. This modular approach offers exceptional flexibility and scalability, making it ideal for large-scale cooling projects.

A Cooler Future Beckons:

With the expansion of its air cooler range, Alfa Lu-Ve is not just providing products; it’s offering solutions. The Optigo FCC series represents a commitment to efficiency, customization, and environmental responsibility, making it a perfect choice for businesses and industries seeking to optimize their cooling operations while minimizing their environmental footprint.

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