Vision 2030: 15 mega projects that will play a key role in ensuring Saudi Arabia’s massive transformation

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 boasts 15 ambitious mega-projects, not just transforming the landscape but aiming to diversify the economy, embrace sustainability, and propel the kingdom into a new era. Let’s explore these marvels, with their estimated valuations and timelines:

1. NEOM: Rising from the desert, this futuristic megacity ($500 billion) aims to be completed by 2030, with phases focusing on AI-powered living, renewable energy, and cutting-edge industries.

2. The Red Sea Project: Coral reefs, pristine beaches, and luxury await ($50 billion). Phase 1 opens in 2023, aiming to become a global eco-tourism haven by 2030.

3. Amaala: Ultra-luxury meets environmental consciousness ($5 billion). By 2027, this island resort will target high-end tourism while preserving the marine ecosystem.

4. Diriyah Gate: History reawakens ($20 billion). By 2030, the birthplace of the first Saudi state will offer cultural immersion and heritage tourism.

5. King Salman Energy Park: Beyond oil, this industrial mega-hub ($100 billion) targets completion by 2030, attracting advanced energy and technology companies.

6. King Salman Park: Riyadh’s green lungs ($8 billion). Phase 1 opens in 2024, with the entire park complete by 2030, offering recreational spaces, sports facilities, and environmental education.

7. THE LINE: Redefining urban design, this linear city in the desert ($500 billion) has a 2050 completion target, powered by renewable energy and prioritizing walkability and sustainability.

8. TROJENA: Carved into the mountains, this year-round winter sports haven ($50 billion) opens in 2029, attracting global tourism.

9. Qiddiya: Theme parks, motorsports, and performing arts converge ($40 billion). Phase 1 opens in 2024, aiming to be the region’s premier entertainment hub by 2030.

10. Riyadh Metro: Transforming urban mobility, this network ($22 billion) is due for completion by 2030, connecting key points within the city and reducing traffic congestion.

11. Red Sea International Airport: Gateway to the Red Sea Project ($8 billion), this airport opens in 2023, connecting the resort to the world and boosting tourism.

12. Jeddah Tower: Reaching for the sky, the world’s tallest building ($1.7 billion) is expected to be completed by 2029, showcasing architectural innovation and engineering prowess.

13. Sharaan Nature Reserve: Protecting natural treasures, this vast conservation area ($16 billion) aims for completion by 2030, safeguarding endangered species and promoting ecotourism.

14. KAEC Industrial City: Building on existing success, KAEC will expand its industrial capacity ($50 billion) by 2030, attracting foreign investment and fostering economic diversification.

15. AlUla: History whispers from the sandstone canyons ($20 billion). This ancient Nabataean city aims to be a global archaeological and cultural landmark by 2035.

These 15 mega-projects, with their combined valuation exceeding $1 trillion, paint a bold picture of Saudi Arabia’s future. The challenges are immense, but the potential rewards are transformative. As these projects unfold, the world will be watching, witnessing the ambitious dream of Vision 2030 become a reality.

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