Kaori Makes a Splash with 800kW Liquid Cooling Colossus for Data Centers

The data center arms race just heated up, but thanks to Kaori’s innovative cooling tech, it might stay cool after all. The Japanese company has unveiled a behemoth in the world of liquid cooling: a large-scale, In-Row, 800kW Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) designed to tame the thermal beasts that power our digital world.

Data Center Inferno? Not with Kaori

High-performance servers are the workhorses of the internet, but they’re also notorious heat generators. Unchecked, this thermal onslaught can cripple performance, shorten lifespans, and trigger costly downtime. Enter Kaori’s CDU, a liquid cooling champion ready to take on the data center inferno.

Swimming in Efficiency: Here’s what makes Kaori’s CDU special:

  • Liquid to Liquid (L/L): No air conditioners here. This CDU efficiently transfers heat using a closed-loop liquid system, offering superior cooling performance and lower energy consumption compared to traditional air-based methods.
  • 800kW Muscle: A true heavyweight, this CDU can handle the thermal load of multiple server cabinets, eliminating the need for a network of smaller units and simplifying infrastructure.
  • In-Row Precision: Strategically placed within server rows, the CDU delivers targeted cooling directly where it’s needed, maximizing efficiency and minimizing wasted energy.
  • Space Saver: Unlike bulky air conditioning units, this CDU’s compact design optimizes data center real estate, allowing for more servers or valuable server-adjacent space.

D2C Chill for Peak Performance:

Kaori’s CDU also caters to the latest trend in server cooling: D2C (direct-to-chip) cold plates. These plates attach directly to the processors, providing ultra-precise temperature control for maximum performance and stability.

Beyond the Hype:

This isn’t just about bragging rights. Kaori’s CDU promises tangible benefits for data center operators:

  • Reduced energy costs: Efficient liquid cooling translates to lower power bills, a crucial factor in today’s data-hungry world.
  • Improved server uptime: By keeping servers cool and happy, Kaori’s CDU helps prevent costly downtime and ensures smooth data flow.
  • Extended server lifespan: Overheating is a server’s worst enemy. Kaori’s CDU extends server life, saving on replacement costs and reducing e-waste.
  • Greener Data Centers: With its lower energy consumption, Kaori’s CDU contributes to a more sustainable data center future.

Kaori’s CDU is a game-changer in the fight against data center heat. By combining raw power with intelligent design, it paves the way for cooler, greener, and more efficient data centers of the future.


  1. What is a Colossus CDU? 
    It’s Kaori’s newly unveiled, large-scale Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) specifically designed for efficient cooling in data centers.
  2. Why “Colossus”? 
    800kW! It’s significantly more powerful than typical CDUs, hence the “Colossus” moniker.
  3. Is CDU only for super-large data centers? 
    While it can handle multiple server cabinets, it can also be beneficial for medium-sized data centers looking for high-efficiency cooling.
  4. How does CDU work? 
    It uses a closed-loop liquid cooling system to transfer heat away from servers, unlike traditional air-conditioned methods.
  5. What’s the “L/L” in L/L CDU? 
    It stands for “Liquid to Liquid,” meaning liquids transfer heat instead of air.
  6. What’s the benefit of liquid cooling? 
    It’s more efficient, consumes less energy, and provides more precise temperature control than air cooling.
  7. Why is it “In-Row”? 
    Placing it directly within server rows allows for targeted cooling and reduces wasted energy.
  1. What are the advantages of using a Colossus CDU? 
    Lower energy costs, improved server uptime, extended server lifespan, and a more sustainable data center operation.
  2. Does CDU work with all servers? 
    It’s compatible with traditional servers and those using D2C (direct-to-chip) cold plates for advanced cooling.
  3. How much does it cost? 
    Pricing details haven’t been officially released yet, but expect it to be higher than smaller CDUs due to its advanced features and power.
  1. How does it compare to existing CDUs? 
    Its 800kW capacity, efficiency, and compact design set it apart, making it a powerful contender in the market.
  2. Are there any drawbacks compared to traditional air cooling? 
    Initial cost might be higher, and leaks could be a concern, though the system is designed for safety and reliability.
  3. Will Colossus CDUs become the future of data center cooling? 
    Its efficiency, performance, and space-saving design suggest it could play a significant role in future data center cooling strategies.
  1. When will it be available? 
    A specific launch date has been announced, but sometime in 2024 is expected.
  2. Where can I buy it? 
    Contact Kaori directly for purchase inquiries.
  3. Does it require special installation or maintenance? 
    Yes, qualified technicians will be needed for installation and ongoing maintenance.
  1. Is it more sustainable than traditional cooling? 
    Its lower energy consumption makes it a greener option for data centers.
  2. Does it help reduce e-waste? 
    Extending server lifespan can contribute to fewer server replacements and associated e-waste generation.
  1. Can I use it to cool my home computer? 
    Not really! It’s designed for the high heat generated by multiple servers in data centers, not single PCs.
  2. Will “Colossus” bring down the entire internet if it malfunctions? 
    Highly unlikely! Data centers have redundancy built-in, and backups are also crucial.

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