RBI Expands its Torus Line of Products to Cater to Diverse Heating and Cooling Needs

RBI, a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial boilers and water heaters, today announced the expansion of its Torus line of products to include smaller sizes, ranging from 3,000 Btuh to 1 million Btuh. This expansion significantly broadens the applicability of the Torus line, making it suitable for a wider range of heating and cooling applications.

The Torus line, known for its high efficiency, reliability, and user-friendly design, has been a cornerstone of RBI’s product offerings. With the addition of smaller sizes, the Torus line can now cater to a wider range of applications, including:

  • Commercial buildings: The smaller Torus units are ideal for heating and cooling smaller commercial spaces, such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants.
  • Industrial facilities: The expanded Torus line can effectively address the heating and cooling needs of various industrial processes, including manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical production.
  • Residential applications: The smaller Torus units can be used for residential heating and cooling, particularly in homes with limited space or specific heating and cooling requirements.

Key Features of the Expanded Torus Line

The expanded Torus line retains the key features that have made the larger Torus units so successful, including:

  • Pressure-driven air-fuel mixing system: This unique system ensures reliable turndown without the common nuisance failures associated with other systems.
  • Industry-proven components: The Torus line incorporates industry-proven components, including the HeatNet 3.0 digital touchscreen control and the Tru-Flow fuel-air coupling system, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • User-friendly design: The Torus line is designed for ease of use and maintenance, with a user-friendly interface and simplified maintenance procedures.

Commitment to Innovation and Customer Needs

RBI’s expansion of the Torus line demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers. By providing a wider range of sizes and capabilities, RBI is ensuring that the Torus line can continue to serve as a versatile and reliable solution for a diverse range of heating and cooling applications.

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