Hitachi Heats Up Aussie Homes with Innovative airCore 700 Ducted AC System

Hitachi is raising the bar for home comfort in Australia with the launch of their all-new airCore 700 range of single split ducted air conditioning systems. This innovative system boasts a range of features designed to deliver exceptional cooling and heating performance, all while keeping efficiency and Australian living conditions in mind.

Perfectly Acclimatized for Aussie Climates:

Australian homes endure scorching summers and surprisingly cool winters. The airCore 700 tackles both extremes with its ability to operate effectively in ambient temperatures ranging from a scorching -15°C to a sweltering 52°C. This wide operating range ensures year-round comfort, no matter the season.

The Power of R32 Refrigerant:

The airCore 700 series utilizes R32 refrigerant, an environmentally friendly choice with a lower global warming potential compared to traditional refrigerants. This aligns with growing environmental concerns and positions Hitachi as a leader in sustainable air conditioning solutions.

Flexibility for Every Home:

The airCore 700 comes in two pressure options – mid-static and high-static. This caters to the specific needs of different homes. Mid-static is ideal for standard homes, while the high-static option tackles larger residences with longer duct runs, ensuring optimal airflow throughout the entire house.

Splittable Design for Easier Installation:

For added convenience during installation, Hitachi has equipped the high-static ducted units with a splittable design. This allows for the easy removal and reassembly of the fan cover from the heat exchanger compartment, simplifying the process for technicians, especially in tight spaces.

Cleanliness You Can Trust:

Maintaining good indoor air quality is a priority. The airCore 700 series features Hitachi’s innovative FrostWash technology. This self-cleaning function automatically freezes the indoor heat exchanger, trapping dust and pollutants in ice. As the ice melts, these contaminants are flushed away with the condensate, ensuring cleaner air for your home.

Smart Features for a Smarter Home:

The airCore 700 range offers Wi-Fi connectivity with an optional module. This allows for remote control of the system through a smartphone app, providing the ultimate in convenience and control over your home comfort.

Peace of Mind with a Long Warranty:

Hitachi demonstrates confidence in the airCore 700’s reliability by offering a comprehensive 6-year warranty on the entire system. This provides homeowners with peace of mind and long-lasting value for their investment.

A Perfect Fit for Australian Homes:

The Hitachi airCore 700 series is a compelling option for Australian homeowners seeking a feature-rich, efficient, and climate-specific air conditioning solution. With its focus on comfort, sustainability, and ease of use, the airCore 700 promises to deliver cool summers, warm winters, and clean air all year round.

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