Deli Shop in Ireland Gets Top-Notch Cooling with BITZER Technology

Forget aging coolers! An award-winning deli in Ireland just got their refrigeration system upgraded with some pretty impressive tech: BITZER’s Digital Network (BDN). This fancy new system offers:

  • Superhero monitoring: It keeps a close eye on all the cooling action, sending back real-time data on how everything’s performing.
  • Smarter cooling: Think of it like a personal trainer for your fridge – it analyzes how things are running and makes adjustments to squeeze out the most efficiency.
  • Smooth switch: The upgrade happened seamlessly, so the deli never missed a beat in keeping their food fresh.
  • Room to grow: This system is built for the future, with space to add more cooling power as the business expands.
  • Worry-free warranty: Three years of extra peace of mind – just in case.
The first installation of BITZER’s Digital Network (BDN) in Ireland is providing high-level monitoring

What’s the big deal?

This project shows how BDN can revolutionize cooling! It helps businesses:

  • Save money: Running a cooler system means lower energy bills and less maintenance.
  • Be eco-friendly: Less energy used means a smaller environmental footprint.
  • Make smarter choices: Data insights help owners make informed decisions about their cooling needs.
  • Manage it all easily: The user-friendly platform makes monitoring and optimizing a breeze.

Overall, this Irish deli is setting the bar high for sustainable and efficient food cooling. And with BDN on board, the future looks even cooler!

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