Caverion Austria Expands Refrigeration Expertise Through Climacraft Acquisition

Traboch, Austria – April 15, 2024 – Caverion Österreich GmbH, a leading provider of building services in Austria, has taken a significant step towards expanding its refrigeration and air conditioning expertise. The company announced the successful acquisition of Climacraft, a specialist firm based in Traboch, through an asset deal finalized in mid-March. This strategic move strengthens Caverion’s position in the market and unlocks exciting opportunities for both businesses.

Founded in 2006 by Marcus Köhl, Climacraft is a specialist in the design, sale, and installation of customized air conditioning systems. With a team of 11 employees, the company has established a strong presence in the Upper Styria region.

Strategic Move Strengthens Caverion’s Service Portfolio

“This takeover offers Caverion and our employees significant opportunities for development and growth within the industry,” said Marcus Köhl, former Managing Director of Climacraft. By integrating Climacraft’s specialized workforce and experience, Caverion gains a strategic advantage in:

  • Enhanced Refrigeration Expertise: Climacraft’s focus on refrigeration systems strengthens Caverion’s existing portfolio in this growing market segment.
  • Expanded Service Offering: The acquisition broadens the range of services Caverion can provide to its clients in the Upper Styria region.
  • Increased Customer Base: Climacraft’s established customer network allows Caverion to reach a wider audience and solidify its market position.

Positive Outlook for Future Growth

Officials at Caverion Österreich GmbH expressed optimism about the future. The acquisition is expected to contribute to the company’s continued growth and solidify its position as a leading provider of building services in Austria.

By conclusion, The acquisition of Climacraft marks a positive development for Caverion Österreich GmbH. By integrating Climacraft’s expertise and established customer base, Caverion gains a competitive edge in the refrigeration sector and broadens its service offerings in the Upper Styria region. Looking ahead, this strategic move positions Caverion for continued growth and solidifies its role as a leading force in Austria’s building services industry.

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