U.S. Meat Processing Facility Embraces Hygiene and Efficiency with Colmac Coil’s Ammonia Evaporators

In a move that prioritizes both food safety and operational efficiency, a leading U.S. meat processing facility has chosen Colmac Coil Manufacturing as its supplier for new industrial air coolers. The customized A+Series A+M evaporators, designed specifically for ammonia refrigeration systems, boast hygienic features and advanced technology, ensuring optimal performance and stringent hygiene standards within the facility.

Hygienic Design for Stringent Food Safety:

The meat processing industry demands an unwavering commitment to hygiene and sanitation. Colmac Coil’s A+M evaporators address this need with several key features:

  • Sloped drain surfaces: Prevent pooling and promote efficient drainage of condensate, minimizing the risk of bacterial growth.
  • Self-cleaning coils: The unique design allows for automatic coil cleaning, reducing manual cleaning requirements and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Antimicrobial coatings: The evaporators are coated with a special antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Easy access panels: Facilitating convenient inspection and maintenance, crucial for maintaining hygiene protocols.

Performance and Efficiency at the Forefront:

Beyond hygiene, the A+Series A+M evaporators offer significant performance benefits:

  • Enhanced heat transfer: The optimized design ensures efficient heat removal from the refrigerated space, maintaining optimal product temperatures and reducing energy consumption.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials: Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and other durable materials, the evaporators withstand the harsh environment of a meat processing facility.
  • Low-charge ammonia system: Minimizes refrigerant usage and potential environmental impact.
  • Customizable configurations: Colmac Coil’s A+Pro selection software allows for tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each facility.

A Partnership for Enhanced Food Safety and Operational Excellence:

This collaboration between Colmac Coil and the meat processing facility demonstrates a shared commitment to both food safety and operational efficiency. Colmac Coil’s innovative and hygienic ammonia evaporators provide the facility with the tools necessary to maintain the highest standards of food quality while minimizing costs and environmental impact.


  • “Colmac Coil’s A+M evaporators perfectly align with our dedication to food safety and operational excellence. Their hygienic design gives us peace of mind, while the advanced technology ensures optimal performance and efficiency,” stated a spokesperson for the meat processing facility.
  • “We’re proud to partner with leading U.S. meat processors like this one. Our A+Series A+M evaporators are a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of this industry,” said Joe Fazzari, President of Colmac Coil Manufacturing.


Colmac Coil’s A+Series A+M evaporators represent a significant advancement in industrial refrigeration for the meat processing industry. By prioritizing hygiene and efficiency, this innovative technology helps ensure food safety while contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective operation. This partnership between Colmac Coil and the U.S. meat processing facility serves as a model for the industry, demonstrating the potential for collaboration to drive food safety and operational excellence forward.

Additional Information:

  • Colmac Coil is a leading manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment, serving various industries, including food processing, healthcare, and data centers.
  • The A+Series A+M evaporators are part of Colmac Coil’s broader range of hygienic and energy-efficient refrigeration solutions.
  • The meat processing industry is increasingly adopting advanced technologies and hygiene protocols to ensure food safety and operational efficiency.

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