Rhoss Takes the Plunge: New Water-to-Water Ranges Complete Portfolio

Italian climate control specialist Rhoss is making waves in the industry with the launch of two new comprehensive water-to-water unit ranges the Winflow ECO and the Easyflow ECO/ECOA1 HT. These innovative additions solidify Rhoss’ position as a major player in the market, offering a diverse range of solutions for efficient and sustainable climate control.

Winflow ECO: Chilled to the Core

The Winflow ECO series caters to both chilling and heating needs, available as chillers, heat pumps, EXP multi-purpose units, and condenserless versions. With seven sizes ranging from 185kW to 395kW in cooling capacity, these units are ideal for larger commercial and industrial applications. They boast impressive performance, reaching EERs (Energy Efficiency Ratio) up to 4.77 and COPs (Coefficient of Performance) up to 4.27, ensuring superior energy efficiency and cost savings.

Easyflow ECO/ECOA1 HT: Hot Water Hero

For those seeking high-temperature hot water production, the Easyflow ECO/ECOA1 HT range delivers. Utilizing scroll compressors and a single circuit design, these heat pumps offer water-source and hydraulic-side reversibility, generating hot water up to 68°C. Available in nine sizes with heating capacities ranging from approximately 70kW to 220kW, they cater to diverse building types and needs. With COPs up to 4.28 and SCOPs (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) up to 6.85, the Easyflow ECO/ECOA1 HT sets a new standard for energy efficiency in hot water production.

Innovation and Sustainability at the Forefront

Both ranges are optimized for use with the low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) R454B refrigerant, minimizing environmental impact while delivering powerful performance. Additionally, advanced control systems and intelligent operating modes further optimize energy consumption, making the Winflow ECO and Easyflow ECO/ECOA1 HT ideal for environmentally conscious businesses and projects.

A Complete Portfolio for Every Need

With the launch of these new ranges, Rhoss now offers a comprehensive portfolio of water-to-water units spanning a wide range of capacities, functionalities, and temperature requirements. This allows HVAC professionals and building owners to select the perfect solution for their specific needs, ensuring optimal climate control performance, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

A Dive into the Future of Climate Control

Rhoss‘ commitment to innovation and sustainability shines bright in the Winflow ECO and Easyflow ECO/ECOA1 HT ranges. These new additions represent a significant step forward in the water-to-water unit market, offering powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions for the buildings of tomorrow. As the demand for sustainable climate control continues to rise, Rhoss is poised to remain at the forefront of the industry, shaping the future of comfort and environmental responsibility.

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