Phononic and Vidir Introduce First Actively-Cooled and Automated Buy Online Pick-up Solution for Grocers

Phononic, a global leader in solid-state cooling technology, and Vidir Solutions, a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vertical motorized material handling and storage systems, have joined forces to revolutionize the online grocery delivery and curbside fulfillment experience. Their collaborative solution, the Vidir Powered Carousel, is the first-of-its-kind actively-cooled and automated Buy Online Pick-up On-Site (BOPOS) fulfillment and staging system designed specifically for grocers.

The Challenge

As online grocery sales continue to surge, grocers face the challenge of efficiently fulfilling orders while maintaining product quality and freshness. The need for streamlined processes, reduced labor costs, and timely curbside delivery has never been more critical.

The Solution

The Vidir Powered Carousel combines cutting-edge technology from both Phononic and Vidir:

  1. Actively-Cooled Refrigerator and Freezer Totes: Phononic’s state-of-the-art totes ensure that frozen, chilled, and ambient orders are kept at precise temperatures. These totes are not only energy-efficient but also equipped with IoT capabilities, allowing for smart management and energy savings.
  2. Vertical Lift System: Vidir’s vertical lift system maximizes floor space utilization. By consolidating orders in a vertical storage system, grocers can significantly reduce the number of touches required to fulfill an order. The system efficiently retrieves items for curbside pickup and delivery.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiency: The joint solution minimizes manual staging and labor-intensive retrieval of orders. Grocers can now consolidate orders in one central location, streamlining the fulfillment process.
  • Space Optimization: Vidir’s vertical storage solutions make the most of available floor space. The Vidir Powered Carousel enables vertical space usage that would otherwise go to waste while maintaining or increasing throughput.
  • Temperature Control: Phononic’s actively-cooled totes ensure that perishable items remain fresh and safe for consumption. The ability to turn off totes when not in use further enhances energy savings.

Industry Impact

The Phononic-Vidir collaboration addresses the growing demand for efficient online grocery fulfillment. As the U.S. online grocery market continues to expand, this innovative solution will empower grocers to meet customer expectations while maintaining quality and efficiency.

Larry Yang, Chief Product Officer at Phononic, emphasizes the importance of adaptable solutions: “Online grocery sales in the U.S. are expected to grow over the next five years. As such, it’s paramount that grocers have solutions that can adapt quickly to the increase in demand and ensure a seamless customer experience for curbside and delivery orders.”

Mario Fontes, Director of Sales & Marketing at Vidir Solutions, adds: “Together, Vidir and Phononic are powering the ultimate online pickup fulfillment experience. The joint solution eliminates the need for manual staging and labor-intensive retrieval of orders by automating the order consolidation process and enhancing time to curb for customers, while also minimizing order errors—a win-win for grocers’ efficiency and customer experience.”

The Vidir Powered Carousel is set to transform the way grocers handle online orders, making it easier than ever for customers to pick up their groceries or receive curbside delivery. With this groundbreaking solution, Phononic and Vidir are shaping the future of grocery fulfillment.


Q: What is a BOPOS fulfillment and staging solution?

A: BOPOS stands for “Buy Online, Pick Up On Site.” A BOPOS fulfillment and staging solution is a system that helps retailers prepare and store orders that have been purchased online but will be picked up by the customer at the store. This type of solution is becoming increasingly important as online shopping continues to grow.

Q: What is the problem with traditional BOPOS fulfillment and staging solutions?

A: Traditional BOPOS fulfillment and staging solutions often rely on manual processes and open-air storage, which can be inefficient and lead to errors. This can result in longer wait times for customers and a higher risk of damaged products.

Q: How does Phononic and Vidir’s new actively-cooled BOPOS fulfillment and staging solution solve these problems?

A: Phononic and Vidir’s new solution uses actively-cooled refrigerator and freezer totes to store BOPOS orders. This helps to ensure that the products are kept at the correct temperature and prevents them from spoilage. The solution also uses a vertical lift system to automate the movement of totes, which can help to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Q: What are the benefits of using Phononic and Vidir’s new solution?

A: The benefits of using Phononic and Vidir’s new solution include:

  • Improved efficiency: The solution can help to reduce the time it takes to prepare and stage BOPOS orders.
  • Reduced errors: The automation of the system can help to reduce the risk of errors.
  • Reduced product spoilage: The actively-cooled totes can help to prevent products from spoiling.
  • Improved customer experience: Customers can pick up their orders more quickly and easily.

Q: What types of retailers can benefit from using Phononic and Vidir’s new solution?

A: All types of retailers that sell products that need to be kept at a certain temperature, such as groceries, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, can benefit from using Phononic and Vidir’s new solution.

Q: How much does Phononic and Vidir’s new solution cost?

A: The cost of Phononic and Vidir’s new solution will vary depending on the size of the retailer’s operation. However, the company is confident that the solution will pay for itself in a short period of time through reduced labor costs, improved efficiency, and increased sales.

Q: Where can I learn more about Phononic and Vidir’s new solution?

A: You can learn more about Phononic and Vidir’s new solution by visiting the company’s website or contacting a sales representative.

Q: What are some of the challenges that retailers face with BOPOS fulfillment?

A: Some of the challenges that retailers face with BOPOS fulfillment include:

  • Keeping products at the correct temperature: This can be difficult, especially in warm climates.
  • Picking the correct products: This can be time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Getting orders ready quickly: Customers expect to be able to pick up their orders quickly.

Q: What are some of the trends that are impacting BOPOS fulfillment?

A: Some of the trends that are impacting BOPOS fulfillment include:

  • The growth of online shopping: More and more customers are purchasing products online.
  • The increasing demand for convenience: Customers want to be able to pick up their orders quickly and easily.
  • The need for sustainability: Retailers are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Q: How can retailers prepare for the future of BOPOS fulfillment?

A: Retailers can prepare for the future of BOPOS fulfillment by:

  • Investing in technology: Investing in technology can help to automate processes and improve efficiency.
  • Partnering with experienced providers: Partnering with experienced providers can help retailers implement and manage their BOPOS fulfillment operations.
  • Focusing on customer experience: Retailers should focus on providing a positive customer experience for BOPOS customers.

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