NIBE Industrier Expands Product Portfolio with Acquisition of Danish LS Control A/S

In a significant move to bolster its product offerings and enhance its value proposition, Swedish industrial group NIBE Industrier AB has acquired a majority stake in Danish LS Control A/S, a manufacturer of electronic control and regulation systems. This strategic acquisition marks a crucial step forward in NIBE’s commitment to providing its customers with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive system solutions.

LS Control: A Pioneer in Electronic Control and Regulation

Established in 1969 and headquartered in southern Zealand, Denmark, LS Control has established itself as a respected provider of electronic control and regulation systems, catering to a diverse clientele in the ventilation and heat pump industry. The company’s expertise extends beyond these sectors, with its products also finding applications in medical technology, laboratory equipment, and professional catering.

NIBE’s Strategic Rationale for the Acquisition

The acquisition of LS Control aligns perfectly with NIBE’s overarching strategy of expanding its product portfolio and strengthening its presence in key growth segments. LS Control’s expertise in electronic control and regulation systems is a valuable asset that NIBE intends to leverage to enhance its offerings to customers across various industries.

Enhancing Value Proposition and Expanding Market Reach

Gerteric Lindquist, Managing Director and CEO of NIBE Industrier expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, highlighting its potential to enrich the group’s product portfolio and increase its value proposition. “Through this acquisition, we are further supplementing our product portfolio within control and regulation,” stated Lindquist. “This area of technology is considered to be of great importance in terms of increasing the Group’s added value and being able to offer our customers unique, world-class products.”

NIBE Element to Gain Additional System Solutions Expertise

The acquisition is also expected to provide NIBE Element, a business area within NIBE Industrier, with additional opportunities to offer comprehensive system solutions to its customers. The combined expertise of NIBE and LS Control will enable the group to provide end-to-end solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers in various industries.

Local Management Continuity Ensures Smooth Transition

NIBE has expressed its confidence in the capabilities of LS Control’s local management team and has confirmed that it will continue to lead the company. This decision reflects NIBE’s commitment to preserving LS Control’s established expertise and ensuring a smooth transition into the NIBE Group.

LS Control’s Market Position Strengthened

Per Nielsen, CEO of LS Control acknowledged the positive impact of the acquisition on the company’s market position. “LS Control’s long-term position as an important and qualified supplier to the market is strengthened through the acquisition,” stated Nielsen.

Integration into NIBE Element and Financial Details

LS Control will become part of the NIBE Element business area and will be consolidated with NIBE from December 1, 2023. The purchase price for LS Control has not been disclosed due to the acquired business’s relatively small size compared to the overall NIBE Group.

A Strategic Move Towards a Sustainable Future

The acquisition of LS Control signifies NIBE‘s unwavering commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. As the world transitions towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious approach, NIBE’s expanded product portfolio and expertise in electronic control and regulation systems will play a crucial role in supporting this transformation.

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