Lineage Expands New Zealand Cold-Storage Network With New Tauriko Facility

One of the world’s leading temperature-controlled industrial REIT and integrated solutions providers has officially opened a new next-generation cold storage facility in Tauranga, New Zealand. The new facility significantly expands Lineage’s presence in the region and reinforces the company’s commitment to supporting the growth of New Zealand’s agriculture and food export industries.

Strategic Location and Advanced Technology

Located in the heart of New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region, the new Tauriko facility is strategically positioned to serve the region’s thriving horticulture and seafood industries. With over 3 million cubic feet of space and more than 16,000 pallet positions, the facility offers state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure the optimal storage and handling of temperature-sensitive products.

Key Features of the Tauriko Facility:

  • Advanced temperature-controlled storage with variable zones to accommodate a wide range of product requirements
  • Specialized handling equipment for delicate produce and seafood products
  • Blast freezing capabilities for rapid temperature reduction and preservation of product quality
  • Stringent food safety and quality assurance measures
  • Sustainable design features, including energy-efficient refrigeration systems and rainwater harvesting

Supporting New Zealand’s Agribusiness Sector

The expansion of Lineage’s cold-storage network in New Zealand plays a crucial role in supporting the growth and success of the country’s agribusiness sector. By providing world-class storage and logistics solutions, Lineage helps New Zealand’s food producers and exporters maintain the high quality and freshness of their products, ensuring they reach markets around the globe in peak conditions.

Strengthening Lineage’s Global Network

The new Tauriko facility joins Lineage’s extensive global network of over 300 temperature-controlled facilities across 18 countries. This global footprint provides Lineage with unparalleled capabilities to serve the needs of its customers, offering a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions for the storage, transportation, and distribution of temperature-sensitive products.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Lineage is committed to operating its facilities in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. The Tauriko facility incorporates a range of eco-friendly design features, including energy-efficient refrigeration systems, rainwater harvesting, and sustainable building materials. These initiatives align with Lineage’s broader commitment to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices across its global network.


The opening of the new Tauriko facility marks a significant milestone in Lineage’s ongoing expansion in New Zealand. By providing world-class cold-storage solutions and supporting the growth of the country’s agribusiness sector, Lineage is committed to playing a vital role in the success of New Zealand’s food export industry.

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