Kaltra Chills the Competition with Next-Gen Lightstream Screw Evo Air-Cooled Chillers

German refrigeration powerhouse Kaltra has sent a ripple of excitement through the air-cooled chiller market with the unveiling of its Lightstream Screw Evo, the third generation of its highly successful Screw chiller line. This innovative offering sets a new standard for efficiency, sustainability, and performance, leaving its competitors sweating in the dust.

Evo-lution on Ice:

The Lightstream Screw Evo is not just a facelift; it’s a complete rethink of what air-cooled chillers can achieve. Here’s why it’s causing a stir:

  • Eco-Champion: Equipped with next-generation compressors and hybrid falling film evaporators, these chillers significantly exceed EcoDesign 2021 efficiency standards, slashing energy consumption and carbon footprint. Kaltra estimates up to a 30% energy reduction compared to conventional models, a welcome benefit for environmentally conscious businesses.
  • Powerhouse Performance: Don’t let the eco-friendliness fool you. The Lightstream Screw Evo packs a punch, with cooling capacities ranging from 300 to 1800kW and adjustable water supply temperatures of up to 24°C. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from food processing and data centers to healthcare and hotels.
  • Climate Master: From scorching deserts to arctic winters, the Lightstream Screw Evo adapts to its environment like a chameleon. With an impressive allowable ambient temperature range of up to 58°C, it keeps the cool flowing even in the most challenging conditions.

Smarter Chilling:

But the evolution goes beyond hardware. The Lightstream Screw Evo comes equipped with cutting-edge software that elevates its capabilities:

  • Evaporator flow control: Precisely manage water flow for optimal efficiency and performance.
  • Power analyzer: Get real-time insights into energy consumption and identify areas for improvement.
  • Energy metering: Track and monitor energy usage effortlessly.
  • Sequence management features automated chiller operation for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Easy Access, Easy Service:

Maintenance is often a chiller’s Achilles heel. But not with the Lightstream Screw Evo. Its lightweight frame and innovative design enable easy roof or gantry installation, while readily accessible components simplify routine maintenance. This translates to less downtime and lower operational costs.

A Chilling Reality:

The Lightstream Screw Evo is not just a product; it’s a statement. It demonstrates Kaltra’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and performance leadership. In a world facing climate challenges and rising energy costs, it offers businesses a solution that chills not just their facilities, but also their environmental impact and operational expenses.

Ready to Upgrade Your Chill?

The Lightstream Screw Evo is available for order starting from April 2024, with pre-orders opening in February. Contact Kaltra to learn more about this revolutionary chiller and experience the evolution of air-cooled cooling firsthand. Remember, with the Lightstream Screw Evo, the future of chilling is looking bright, efficient, and sustainable.

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