Hulamin Heats Up Production with Primetals’ Cutting-Edge Tech

South Africa’s aluminum giant Hulamin is boosting its cold mill capabilities with a revolutionary upgrade from Primetals Technologies. The installation of “hot edge inductors” promises smoother production, improved product quality, and a potential edge in the competitive can packaging market.

These innovative inductors apply targeted heat to the roll edges, minimizing the dreaded “tight edge” issue that can plague aluminum sheet production. This translates to fewer breakages, increased efficiency, and ultimately, higher-quality aluminum for cans and other products.

“This upgrade signifies Hulamin’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve,” says [insert an executive quote from Hulamin]. “Primetals’ hot edge inductor technology is a game-changer for our cold mill, and we expect it to improve our overall production capacity and product quality significantly.”

Primetals Technologies, a global leader in metal engineering, is confident in the impact of this technology. “We’re thrilled to partner with Hulamin on this exciting project,” says [insert an executive quote from Primetals]. “Our hot edge inductors are proven to deliver improved edge control and product quality, making them a perfect fit for Hulamin’s ambitious goals.”

This upgrade marks a significant step forward for both companies and solidifies the growing demand for innovative solutions in the aluminum industry. With smoother production and superior product quality, Hulamin is poised to dominate the South African can packaging market and potentially set a new standard for aluminum production worldwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hulamin upgrades the cold mill with Primetals’ hot edge inductor technology.
  • The technology addresses the “tight edge” issue, improving production efficiency and quality.
  • Hulamin aims to enhance can packaging production and gain market advantage.

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