FabricAir PRO: Breathing New Life into HVAC Design with Fabric-Based Solutions

Get ready for a paradigm shift in HVAC design. FabricAir, a pioneer in textile-based air distribution systems, has unveiled FabricAir PRO, a revolutionary Revit add-in tool that empowers architects, engineers, and contractors to bring the power and flexibility of fabric ducts to their projects with unprecedented ease.

Beyond Pipes and Ducts:

Traditionally, HVAC systems have relied on rigid metal ducts, bulky and often aesthetically unpleasing. FabricAir PRO challenges this convention, introducing a lightweight, adaptable, and visually appealing alternative. Fabric ducts, made from high-performance textiles, snake gracefully through ceilings, walls, and even furniture, blending seamlessly into any architectural vision.

Revit Revolution:

FabricAir PRO isn’t just about fabric; it’s about streamlining the design process. This intuitive Revit add-in integrates seamlessly with the industry-standard BIM software, allowing users to design, configure, and optimize FabricAir systems directly within their Revit models. No more clunky external software or tedious manual calculations. FabricAir PRO empowers designers to experiment, iterate, and visualize fabric duct solutions with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Benefits that Breathe Easy:

The advantages of FabricAir PRO extend far beyond aesthetics. Fabric ducts offer:

  • Enhanced thermal comfort: The porous nature of the fabric ensures even air distribution, eliminating hot and cold spots.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Fabric ducts are naturally dust-resistant and antimicrobial, promoting a healthier environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption: Optimized airflow patterns and lower pressure drops lead to more efficient HVAC systems.
  • Unmatched architectural freedom: Fabric ducts adapt to any shape or space, unlocking creative design possibilities.

A Breath of Fresh Air for the Industry:

FabricAir PRO isn’t just a tool; it’s a movement. It represents a paradigm shift towards sustainable, human-centric, and aesthetically pleasing HVAC design. Architects and engineers can now embrace the unique benefits of fabric ducts, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in building design.

Beyond the Hype, Real Projects:

FabricAir PRO has already made its mark on real-world projects. From the innovative office spaces of Google to the sustainable classrooms of a leading university, FabricAir systems are transforming the way we experience climate control.

A Future Woven with Fabric:

As the demand for comfortable, healthy, and visually appealing buildings grows, FabricAir PRO is poised to become an essential tool in the architect’s and engineer’s arsenal. With its intuitive interface, powerful capabilities, and commitment to sustainability, FabricAir PRO is breathing new life into HVAC design, one breathable thread at a time.

Calling all HVAC visionaries! FabricAir invites you to booth #S8195 at the AHR Expo 2024 in Chicago for a live demonstration of FabricAir PRO, the revolutionary Revit add-in transforming HVAC design. Witness the power and beauty of fabric ducts firsthand, and discover how this groundbreaking software empowers you to craft innovative, sustainable, and visually stunning climate control solutions with unmatched confidence. Our expert team awaits to answer your questions and show you how FabricAir PRO can breathe new life into your next project. Don’t miss this chance to experience the future of HVAC design. See you at #S8195!

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