Emerson’s New Digital Controller The Fisher Fieldvue DPC2K digital process controller

Get ready for a paradigm shift in the world of process control! Emerson, a global leader in automation technology, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Fisher Fieldvue DPC2K digital process controller. This game-changer promises to revolutionize process control for single-loop applications with its combination of simplicity, reliability, and connectivity.

From Pneumatic to Electro-Pneumatic: A Modern Makeover:

The DPC2K builds upon the legacy of Fisher Wizard pneumatic controllers, offering a robust and reliable alternative for existing installations. It takes things a step further by introducing electro-pneumatic actuation, which translates into higher accuracy, faster response times, and improved overall process performance.

Putting Simplicity at the Valve:

Say goodbye to complex setups and intricate configurations. The DPC2K champions user-friendliness with its intuitive menu-driven LCD interface and six-button navigation. Installation and commissioning are a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters most – optimizing your process.

Intelligence Built-in:

The DPC2K isn’t just a controller; it’s a powerhouse of data and insights. Its integrated travel sensor provides real-time feedback on valve position, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime. Additionally, a host of connectivity options open doors to remote monitoring, setpoint adjustments, and data analysis, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Benefits Beyond Compare:

The DPC2K packs a punch, offering a multitude of advantages:

  • Increased uptime and productivity: Enhanced control accuracy and improved valve performance translate to smoother operations and fewer production hiccups.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Early detection of potential issues thanks to the integrated sensor helps prevent costly breakdowns and extends equipment lifespan.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Precise control leads to optimized resource utilization, minimizing energy consumption and lowering operational costs.
  • Enhanced safety and compliance: Advanced features like low-bleed technologies and data logging contribute to a safer and more compliant operating environment.

A Future Fueled by Innovation:

The DPC2K isn’t just a product; it represents a glimpse into the future of process control. With its emphasis on simplicity, intelligence, and connectivity, it paves the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and data-driven industrial landscape.


What is the Fisher Fieldvue DPC2K?

A new electro-pneumatic digital process controller from Emerson for single-loop applications. Replaces older pneumatic controllers like Fisher Wizard with modern features and reliability.

What are the benefits of the DPC2K?

Simpler installation and setup with a user-friendly interface and menu-driven navigation. Increased process accuracy and performance due to electro-pneumatic actuation. Reduced maintenance costs thanks to integrated travel sensors and proactive monitoring. Improved energy efficiency through precise control and optimized resource utilization. Enhanced safety and compliance through advanced features and data logging.

Does the DPC2K work with existing equipment?

Yes, designed for retrofitting existing installations using pneumatic controllers. Offers compatibility with various types of control valves and actuators.

What industries can use the DPC2K?

Ideal for chemical, oil & gas, power generation, water treatment, and other process industries. Suitable for applications requiring precise control of temperature, pressure, flow, or level.

Is the DPC2K easy to configure and operate?

Yes, designed for user-friendly operation with an intuitive interface and minimal training required. Offers pre-configured settings for common applications and a simple programming process.

What kind of data does the DPC2K provide?

Real-time valve position data through integrated travel sensor. Process parameter data like temperature, pressure, flow, or level. Historical data recording for analysis and troubleshooting.

Can the DPC2K connect to other systems?
Yes, offers various connectivity options like HART, Profibus, and Ethernet for remote monitoring and data exchange. Allows integration with plant automation systems and SCADA platforms.

How much does the DPC2K cost?
Pricing will vary depending on the specific configuration and options chosen. Contact Emerson or authorized distributors for accurate pricing information.

So, if you’re looking to take your process control to the next level, look no further than the Fisher Fieldvue DPC2K. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, ready to empower you to unlock the full potential of your operations.

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