Danfoss Unveils New Compressors for a Greener Future: Powering Efficient Heat Pumps

Copenhagen, Denmark – July 09, 2024 – In a significant move towards a more sustainable future, Danfoss, a leading manufacturer of components for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC-R) solutions, has announced a new range of compressors specifically designed for comfort and industrial heat pumps. These innovative compressors promise to revolutionize the way we heat and cool our buildings, slashing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Need for Sustainable Heating

Heating and cooling account for a significant portion of global energy consumption. Traditional systems often rely on fossil fuels, contributing to air pollution and climate change. Heat pumps, which use electricity to move heat from one location to another, offer a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Danfoss Takes the Lead

Danfoss’ new compressor lineup caters to various heat pump applications. The BOCK® HGX56 CO2 T compressor is a powerhouse designed for large-capacity industrial heat pumps. It boasts capabilities for handling liquid, vapor, and wet injection, enabling efficient operation even with water supply temperatures reaching 65°C (149°F) – ideal for industrial processes and district heating.

For commercial and residential applications, Danfoss introduces the PSH scroll compressors. Optimized for new-generation systems transitioning to lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants like R454B, these compressors offer energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

Finally, the VZN inverter scroll compressors cater to light commercial heat pumps. Designed for use with R290 refrigerant, a natural and highly efficient option with minimal environmental impact, the VZN boasts a remarkable capacity of delivering up to 70kW heating power in a single-circuit configuration with a low refrigerant charge. This translates to a smaller environmental footprint and simpler system design.

Benefits Beyond Efficiency

Danfoss’ new compressors not only prioritize energy efficiency but also ensure user comfort. They are designed for quiet operation, minimizing noise pollution and creating a more comfortable living or working environment. Additionally, these compressors are known for their reliability and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance for homeowners and businesses alike.

A Call for a Greener Future

“These new compressor ranges are pivotal in enabling the success of heat pump applications, at Danfoss. “Heat pumps are critical for decarbonizing heating, and Danfoss innovations will continue to support professionals who make the green transition possible.”

The launch of these new compressors signifies Danfoss’ commitment to a more sustainable future. By promoting the adoption of heat pump technology, Danfoss is paving the way for a significant reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions within the HVAC-R industry. This move has the potential to create a positive impact on our planet for generations to come.

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