Danfoss Takes Center Stage at AHR Expo: Showcasing Decarbonization Solutions for a Sustainable Future

As the HVAC/R industry gathers for the annual AHR Expo in Atlanta, January 21-23, one name stands out as a champion for decarbonization: Danfoss. With a broad portfolio of innovative technologies under its belt, Danfoss is ready to ignite conversations and showcase tangible solutions to tackle the pressing issue of climate change.

Decarbonization in the Spotlight:

Danfoss recognizes the urgency of reducing carbon emissions within the HVAC/R sector. Their booth at the AHR Expo will be a hub for exploring advancements in heat pumps, CO2 refrigeration, and building automation, all contributing to achieving ambitious decarbonization goals.

Headlining Solutions:

Among the highlight-worthy technologies Danfoss will present are:

  • DSG compressors: Boasting record-breaking efficiency and oil-free operation, these compressors are game-changers for data centers and rooftop units, dramatically reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • Alsmart and Alsense: These automation solutions optimize building HVAC systems and food retail refrigeration, respectively, ensuring efficient energy usage and minimizing emissions.
  • Smart Store: This integrated package for food retail refrigeration combines CO2 technology with advanced controls, maximizing energy savings and creating a sustainable refrigerated environment for perishables.

Connecting with the Community:

The AHR Expo isn’t just about showcasing technology; it’s about building connections and fostering collaboration. Danfoss, true to its collaborative spirit, is hosting expert panel discussions and engaging demonstrations, providing valuable insights and fostering knowledge exchange within the industry.

Quote from Danfoss:

“Danfoss is deeply committed to driving the HVAC/R industry towards a more sustainable future,” said Rick Sporrer, President of Danfoss North America. “We are excited to share our innovative technologies and expertise at the AHR Expo and collaborate with industry partners to make decarbonization a reality.”

Beyond the Expo:

Danfoss’ commitment to decarbonization extends beyond the AHR Expo. Their ongoing research and development efforts, paired with strategic partnerships, push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable cooling and heating solutions.

A Beacon of Hope:

Danfoss’ presence at the AHR Expo isn’t just about promoting its own technologies; it’s about sending a powerful message to the entire HVAC/R industry. It’s a message of hope, a rallying cry for collaboration, and a demonstration that the path to a decarbonized future is paved with innovation and collective action.

AHR Expo 2024: HVACR’s Global Marketplace for Innovation and Connection

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