Danfoss Simplifies Drive Configuration with Quick Adapter for iC2-Micro Frequency Converters

Nordborg, Denmark – [Today’s Date] – Danfoss Drives, a leading manufacturer of variable speed drives, has announced a significant improvement for its iC2-Micro frequency converter series: a quick adapter for simplified PC programming.

The iC2-Micro is a compact and versatile drive designed for a wide range of applications. Now, with the introduction of the quick adapter, Danfoss offers enhanced user experience and increased efficiency for system integrators and technicians.

Benefits of the Quick Adapter:

  • Effortless PC Connection: The quick adapter eliminates the need for complex wiring configurations when connecting the iC2-Micro to a PC. This streamlines the programming process and saves valuable time during installation and maintenance.
  • Simplified Programming and Configuration: The adapter allows for easy access to the drive’s parameters using Danfoss’ MyDrive® Suite software. This user-friendly software suite enables efficient parameter configuration, customization, and optimization of the drive’s performance for specific applications.
  • Offline Parameter Management: A key advantage of the quick adapter is the ability to program and configure the iC2-Micro even when it’s disconnected from the main power supply. This allows technicians to prepare and configure drives offline, further enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Parameter Backup and Transfer: The adapter facilitates effortless backup and transfer of drive settings. This is particularly beneficial for replicating configurations across multiple drives or restoring settings in case of accidental modifications.

Enhanced Functionality of the iC2-Micro:

In addition to the new quick adapter, the iC2-Micro boasts several features that make it a compelling choice for various applications:

  • Integrated Smart Logic Controller (SLC): The iC2-Micro eliminates the need for external controllers by offering an embedded SLC. This simplifies system design, reduces installation complexity, and empowers users to customize and control various drive functions directly.
  • UL LZGH2/8 Certification: This certification signifies the drive’s suitability for use in HVAC/R systems employing A2L refrigerants, simplifying system certification processes.
  • Compact Footprint and Easy Installation: The iC2-Micro’s compact design allows for space-saving installation, while spring-type I/O terminals minimize external wiring needs, further streamlining the installation process.


“The introduction of the quick adapter for the iC2-Micro represents our continued commitment to providing user-friendly and efficient drive solutions,” said [Name and Title at Danfoss Drives] (consider adding a relevant quote from a Danfoss Drives representative here about the impact of the quick adapter). “This innovation simplifies programming, enhances workflow efficiency, and empowers users to unlock the full potential of the iC2-Micro for optimal system performance.”


The Danfoss iC2-Micro frequency converter with the quick adapter is expected to be available for purchase in [Month, Year]. With its user-centric design and advanced features, the iC2-Micro is poised to become a leading choice for applications requiring precise motor control and efficient system operation.

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