Supermarkets Join the Green Grid: Danfoss and Enersponse Team Up for Smart Cooling Savings

Supermarket fridges hum, lights shine, and frosty aisles beckon, but behind the scenes lurks a hidden energy monster. Now, a powerful alliance between global climate leader Danfoss and demand response expert Enersponse aims to tame this beast, saving food retailers money and powering a greener grid.

The secret weapon? Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR): a futuristic approach where supermarkets temporarily adjust energy usage based on grid needs. Think dimmer lights during peak hours, or smarter fridge cycles, all without compromising food safety or customer comfort.

But why supermarkets? The answer lies in their massive cooling demands. By tweaking these systems even slightly, the potential energy savings are colossal. Enter Danfoss’ Alsense®, a cloud-based platform that tracks refrigeration performance, and Enersponse’s DERMS platform, which orchestrates Auto-DR events. Together, they form a dream team for energy efficiency:

  • Brain and Brawn: Alsense® monitors real-time refrigeration data, ensuring every adjustment minimizes food safety risks. Enersponse’s DERMS platform seamlessly integrates with Alsense®, orchestrating Auto-DR events and maximizing savings.
  • Tailored Savings, Automatic Rewards: Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. Danfoss and Enersponse tailor Auto-DR events to each supermarket’s unique needs, ensuring optimal savings and grid support. And the icing on the cake? They automatically earn retailers financial rewards for participating.
  • Sustainability Superheroes: This isn’t just about saving money; it’s about saving the planet. By reducing peak energy demand, supermarkets powered by Danfoss and Enersponse will play a crucial role in stabilizing the grid and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

But is it all talk and no walk? Not a chance! Pilot programs with leading supermarket chains have already yielded impressive results:

  • Up to 20% peak energy reduction: Imagine the impact if thousands of supermarkets across the country joined the green grid!
  • Increased grid stability: Smoothing out energy demand translates to a more resilient and reliable electricity grid for everyone.
  • Happy customers, happy planet: Lower energy bills for supermarkets and a cleaner future for generations to come – it’s a win-win.

This partnership isn’t just about technology; it’s about a shared vision for a sustainable future. Both Danfoss and Enersponse are committed to empowering food retailers to become champions of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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