Clivet Chills Your 2024: New SINGLE Split, MULTI Split, and Light Commercial Lineup Unveiled

The air conditioning experts at Clivet have unveiled their fresh lineup for 2024, bringing innovative and efficient cooling solutions to homes and businesses alike. Whether you’re seeking climate control for a single room or multiple spaces, Clivet has something to keep you cool and comfortable.

Single SpliTs: Your Personal Paradise:

For individual room cooling, Clivet introduces the CERVINO and CRISTALLO 2 SINGLE Split units.

  • CERVINO boasts eco-friendly credentials with R-290 refrigerant, high energy efficiency in class A+++/A++, and sizes ranging from 27M to 35M. Its sophisticated filtration system with active carbon and silver ion filters purifies the air you breathe.
  • CRISTALLO 2 brings design and functionality together. This ALTODesign model features elegant lines and a matte finish, offering class A+++/A++ efficiency in sizes from 27M to 70M. Horizontally and vertically adjustable louvers ensure customized airflow for optimal comfort.

MULTI Splits: Cool Multiple Rooms, Save Space:

For multi-room cooling, Clivet presents the MULTI Splits range. These units efficiently cool up to 5 individual rooms from a single outdoor unit, saving space and simplifying installation.

  • The MULTI Splits offer a flexible combination of inverter indoor units to match your specific needs and preferences.
  • They boast high energy efficiency and whisper-quiet operation, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Light Commercial: Cool Businesses, Big Savings:

For businesses seeking reliable and efficient cooling solutions, Clivet’s Light Commercial range expands with new MSAN8-Y Mini VRF outdoor units and V8 indoor units.

  • These units are designed for small to medium-sized commercial spaces, offering powerful cooling and flexible configuration options.
  • They come equipped with smart controls and advanced functionalities for efficient operation and energy savings.

Beyond the Hardware:

Clivet doesn’t just offer hardware; they provide a complete climate control experience. Their new lineup comes with:

  • Intuitive control systems for convenient management of your cooling system.
  • Extensive after-sales support to ensure long-lasting performance and peace of mind.
  • Commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly refrigerants and energy-efficient designs.

Climate Control With Confidence:

With their diverse and innovative 2024 lineup, Clivet empowers you to create a personal haven of comfort in your home or a cool and productive environment for your business. Whether you prioritize eco-friendliness, design, or simply efficient cooling, Clivet has the perfect solution to keep you cool and comfortable all year round.

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