Clivet Breaths Fresh Air into VRF with New Mini MSAN8-Y Units: Efficiency, Sustainability, and Simplicity Take Center Stage

Clivet, a leading player in climate control solutions, has unveiled a game-changer for the VRF market: the Mini VRF MSAN8-Y outdoor units. These units boast low environmental impact R32 refrigerant, impressive efficiency, and a streamlined design that prioritizes ease of installation and maintenance.

Green Cooling with a Bite:

At the heart of the MSAN8-Y series lies the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. With a significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to traditional refrigerants, these units offer a responsible cooling solution without compromising on performance. This aligns perfectly with the growing demand for sustainable climate control technologies.

Powerhouse Performance:

The MSAN8-Y series packs a punch, delivering exceptional cooling and heating capacities ranging from 7.2 to 17.5 kW. Based on the advanced V8 platform, these units inherit the platform’s cutting-edge technology, ensuring superior efficiency and energy savings.

Simplicity Reigns Supreme:

Clivet prioritizes user experience with the MSAN8-Y series. The single single-fan chassis design across all sizes translates to simplified installation and maintenance. No more struggling with different chassis sizes! This streamlined approach saves time, effort, and ultimately, money.

Beyond the Basics:

Clivet doesn’t stop at the essentials. The MSAN8-Y series boasts a range of advanced features to enhance user experience and safety. These include:

  • Extended operating range: Enjoy reliable cooling and heating even in extreme temperatures.
  • Improved piping length: Install your units with greater flexibility and freedom.
  • Multiple silent modes: Prioritize quiet operation for undisturbed comfort.
  • Optional safety devices: Enhance safety and peace of mind with leak sensors and shut-off valves.

A Breath of Fresh Air for the VRF Market:

The Clivet Mini VRF MSAN8-Y series represents a significant step forward in VRF technology. By combining environmental responsibility, high efficiency, and user-friendly design, these units offer a compelling choice for architects, engineers, and homeowners alike. With the MSAN8-Y series, Clivet is breathing fresh air into the VRF market, setting a new standard for sustainable and user-centric climate control solutions.
The compatibility of the Clivet Mini VRF MSAN8-Y series with existing Clivet VRF systems depends on the specific details of your existing system:

General Compatibility:

  • The MSAN8-Y series is based on the V8 platform, making it compatible with the new V8 indoor units. Therefore, if you have existing V6 indoor units, you will need to upgrade them to enjoy the full benefits of the MSAN8-Y outdoor units.
  • The MSAN8-Y series uses the EasyCom communication bus, which is different from the communication protocol used in V6 systems. This means that direct communication with V6 indoor units is not possible. However, Clivet offers conversion kits that can allow V6 indoor units to be controlled by the V8 control system.

Additional Considerations:

  • Refrigerant type: While both V6 and V8 systems use R32 refrigerant, there might be slight variations in refrigerant charge or piping requirements. Consulting the user manuals for both the MSAN8-Y outdoor units and your existing V6 indoor units is crucial to ensure compatibility.
  • Capacity matching: Ensure the total capacity of the MSAN8-Y outdoor units you choose properly matches the combined capacity of your existing V6 indoor units. Oversizing or undersizing can lead to inefficient operation.
  • Control system: If you currently use a V6 control system, you will need to upgrade to the new V8 control system to take full advantage of the MSAN8-Y series features.

Clivet Mini VRF MSAN8-Y: Breathe Easy with Efficiency and Innovation

Eco-Conscious Cooling: Enjoy peace of mind with the low environmental impact R32 refrigerant, reducing your carbon footprint.

Sleek and Streamlined: One-fan chassis for all sizes (7.2-17.5 kW) simplifies installation and maintenance, saving you time and effort.

Uncompromising Performance: Cool and heat even in extreme temperatures with an extended operating range down to -20°C. Reach maximum comfort, whatever the season.

Flexibility That Wins: Extended piping length and compatibility with numerous indoor units offer more design freedom for your project.

Efficiency Reigns Supreme: Enhanced efficiency translates to lower energy bills and a lighter impact on the environment.

Silence is Golden: Multiple silent modes ensure undisturbed comfort, perfect for homes, offices, and more.

Control at Your Fingertips: ️ Ten priority modes and adjustable fan pressure empower you to customize your climate experience.

Confidence Comes Standard: Eurovent certification guarantees quality and performance you can trust.

Smarter than Ever: Settable input/output contacts and optional safety accessories elevate your VRF system to the next level.

The Future is V8: Seamless compatibility with the new V8 indoor unit range unlocks even greater possibilities.

V8 Indoor Units: Where Form Meets Function

Adaptable Powerhouse: Wide capacity range (1.5 kW to 56 kW) caters to diverse project needs, from small spaces to large commercial buildings.

Double Play: Dual compatibility with R32 and R410A refrigerants provides seamless integration with existing V6 and V8 outdoor units.

Discreet Powerhouse: The new slim duct series ensures unobtrusive integration into your space, preserving your design aesthetic.

Wall-Mounted Wonder: ️ Sleek wall-mounted units with close-to-ceiling installation options create a minimalist and modern look.

Personalized Comfort: ️ Individual louver control on four-way cassette units allows for targeted airflow, putting comfort in your hands.

Smart Convenience: Embedded occupancy sensors on wall-mounted units and four-way cassettes optimize energy usage and enhance your experience.

Upgrade your climate control experience with the innovative Clivet Mini VRF MSAN8-Y and V8 indoor units. Breathe easy, knowing you’re enjoying high performance, sleek design, and a commitment to sustainability.


For the most accurate information on compatibility, it’s always best to consult with a qualified Clivet technician or installer. They can assess your specific V6 system and advise on the feasibility of integrating the new MSAN8-Y series outdoor units. This will ensure a smooth installation and optimal performance for your entire VRF system.

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