End the Hot Water Woes: CircuitSolver® Valves Bring Balance and Comfort to Domestic Systems

Say goodbye to lukewarm excuses and cold shower surprises! CircuitSolver® Thermostatic Valves, from ThermOmegaTech®, a 40-year leader in self-actuating thermostatic technology, are here to revolutionize your domestic hot water (DHW) system.

No More Manual Mayhem:

Forget the days of tedious manual balancing and endless rebalancing calls. CircuitSolver®’s smart thermostats take the wheel, automatically adjusting flow based on water temperature. Each branch of your DHW system gets the hot water it craves, consistently and efficiently.

Happiness in Every Drop:

  • Uninterrupted Hot Water: Residents, guests, and athletes rejoice! Hot showers flow freely, even during peak demand, keeping everyone happy and comfortable.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Ditch the wrenches and balancing woes. CircuitSolver® handles itself, freeing your staff for more pressing matters.
  • Boosted Energy Savings: Less water waste, optimized flow, and lower energy consumption translate to reduced utility bills and happier wallets.
  • Peace of Mind Guaranteed: Robust design and self-modulating operation ensure years of worry-free performance.

Beyond Apartments, Beyond Expectations:

CircuitSolver® isn’t just for apartments. Hotels, resorts, dormitories, stadiums – any building thirsty for consistent hot water can tap into its magic. Imagine hotels boasting luxurious baths, athletes warming up before games in comfort, and resort visitors soaking in uninterrupted hot springs bliss.

Ready to Turn Up the Satisfaction?

ThermOmegaTech® invites you to visit Booth S10166 at AHR Expo ’24 and experience the CircuitSolver® revolution firsthand. See how these valves work their magic, eliminate manual balancing headaches, and answer your burning DHW questions.

Our American Craftsmanship, Your Global Comfort:

CircuitSolver® valves are proudly designed and assembled in Warminster, PA, complying with the “Buy American Act.” We put our heart and expertise into each valve, ensuring your domestic hot water system runs like a dream.

Start Your Project with Hot Results:

Don’t settle for lukewarm solutions. Contact our CircuitSolver® team today and discover how these innovative valves can bring balance, comfort, and peace of mind to your building.

Let’s turn up the heat on satisfaction, together!

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