Caleffi Streamlines Service with New 290 Series Valve Kits

Caleffi, a leading manufacturer of hydronic and plumbing solutions, has announced the launch of its 290 Series Service Valve Kits, specifically designed for tankless water heaters, combi boilers, and electric tank-type water heaters.

These innovative kits offer contractors a convenient and efficient way to isolate, flush, and service water heaters, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.

Contractor-Friendly Design:

The 290 Series kits feature durable brass construction and heavy-duty ball valves for reliable performance. They connect directly to standard 3/4” MNPT nipples on tankless water heaters, eliminating the need for additional adapters or fittings. This streamlined design saves time and simplifies installation.

Key Features:

  • Isolation valves: Allow for easy shutoff of water flow to the heater for maintenance or repairs.
  • Pressure relief valve: Protects the heater from overpressure situations.
  • Union connections: Enable quick and easy disconnection of the kit for servicing.
  • Corrugated stainless steel hose: Provides flexibility for a variety of tank connection configurations.
  • Low-lead compliant: Meets all applicable plumbing codes and regulations.

Variations for Every Need:

The 290 Series comes in two variations to suit different installation requirements:

  • Kit2903A: The basic kit with isolation valves and pressure relief valves.
  • Kit290503A: Includes all features of Kit2903A plus the 520 Series TankMixer™ for point-of-distribution temperature control.

Enhanced Control with TankMixer™:

The 520 Series TankMixer™ adds an extra layer of functionality to the kit. This award-winning thermostatic mixing valve provides precise temperature control for hot water distribution, ensuring consistent comfort and safety for users.

A Boon for Contractors:

Caleffi’s 290 Series Service Valve Kits are a game-changer for contractors who service tankless water heaters and other heating systems. They offer:

  • Reduced installation time: Simplified design and direct connection eliminate the need for additional parts and adjustments.
  • Improved efficiency: Easy isolation and flushing capabilities minimize downtime for maintenance and repairs.
  • Enhanced safety: The pressure relief valve protects the heater from overpressure.
  • Peace of mind: Low-lead compliant construction ensures adherence to plumbing codes and regulations.

Investing in Efficiency:

By making routine maintenance easier and faster, the 290 Series kits can help contractors improve their productivity and profitability. Additionally, the long-lasting durability of Caleffi products adds value for both contractors and homeowners.


Caleffi’s 290 Series Service Valve Kits are a welcome addition to the company’s line of innovative hydronic and plumbing solutions. With their focus on convenience, efficiency, and safety, these kits are sure to become a go-to choice for contractors and homeowners alike.


1. What is a valve kit?
A valve kit is a pre-assembled set of valves, fittings, and other components designed for a specific plumbing or hydronic application.

2. What are valve kits used for?
They are used for various purposes, including isolation of equipment, pressure control, temperature regulation, water distribution, and more.

3. What types of valve kits are available?
Types include isolation valve kits, service valve kits, mixing valve kits, thermostatic mixing valve kits, pressure relief valve kits, and flushing valve kits.

4. What are the benefits of using valve kits?
Benefits include:

  • Simplified installation
  • Reduced downtime
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Compliance with codes
  • Cost-effectiveness

5. What should I consider when choosing a valve kit?

  • Application
  • Valve types
  • Material compatibility
  • Pressure and temperature ratings
  • Flow rate requirements
  • Installation space
  • Code Compliance
  • Brand reputation

6. Where can I buy valve kits?
Available at plumbing supply stores, home improvement centers, online retailers, and directly from manufacturers.

7. How do I install a valve kit?
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Typically involves:

  • Shutting off the water supply
  • Connecting components
  • Tightening fittings
  • Testing for leaks
  • Restoring water flow

8. Can I install a valve kit myself?
Yes, but consider your plumbing skills and the complexity of the kit. Consult a professional if unsure.

9. What are some common brands of valve kits?
Popular brands include Caleffi, Watts, Taco, Honeywell, and Zurn.

10. How much do valve kits cost?
Prices vary depending on brand, type, and features. Basic kits start around $50, while more complex kits can cost over $500.

11. What is a service valve kit?
A kit designed for servicing and isolating specific equipment like water heaters or boilers.

12. What is a mixing valve kit? Used to blend hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature.

13. What is a thermostatic mixing valve kit?
Automatically adjusts water mixing to maintain a consistent temperature.

14. What is a pressure relief valve kit?
Protects against overpressure in a system.

15. What is a flushing valve kit? Used to flush debris and sediment from plumbing systems.

16. How do I maintain a valve kit?
Perform regular inspections for leaks and corrosion. Clean and lubricate valves as needed.

17. How long do valve kits last?
Typically lasts many years with proper maintenance.

18. What are some common problems with valve kits?
Leaks, corrosion, valve failure, and improper installation.

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