Bosch OfficeOn Revolutionizes HVAC-Professional Workflow with Innovative Software

Bosch Power Tools, a global leader in power tools, power tool accessories, and measuring equipment, introduces a groundbreaking software solution—OfficeOn—specially designed for HVAC professionals. Developed for Bosch Home Comfort, the heating brand of Bosch, OfficeOn offers a streamlined, paperless approach to structure, plan, and document daily tasks with remarkable efficiency. This cloud-based software simplifies the central management of tasks for smaller trade businesses, enhancing the digital experience for heating contractors.

Key Features:

  1. Paperless Workflow:
  • Transforms daily work into a paperless process, reducing administrative efforts.
  1. Cloud-Based Solution:
  • Centralized control through a cloud-based platform accessible via a web application and a field-use app.
  1. Real-Time Synchronization:
  • Web and app stay connected, ensuring real-time data synchronization through the cloud.
  1. Comprehensive Functionality:
  • Covers various office tasks, including project planning, quoting, invoicing, scheduling, and time tracking.
  1. Flexible Licensing Options:
  • Offers mobile and office licenses for periods of six, twelve, or 24 months, catering to diverse needs.
  1. Digital Accessibility:
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device, streamlining workflow in and out of the office.

Benefits for HVAC Professionals:

  1. Efficient Project Management:
  • Simplifies tasks such as quoting, invoicing, and scheduling, optimizing project management.
  1. Customer Appointment Management:
  • Allows easy customer appointment management through digital timesheets and report slips.
  1. Compliance with Legal Requirements:
  • Facilitates compliance with legal requirements through the digital signature function.
  1. Installation-Free Solution:
  • Cloud-based and instantly available with no installation required, reducing administrative load.
  1. Cost and Time Savings:
  • Saves time and money through efficient processes, including data backup, maintenance, and updates.

Flexible Licensing Options:

  1. Mobile Licenses:
  • Provides field staff with smartphone app access for job documentation.
  1. Office Licenses:
  • Allows office staff to utilize functions directly in the web browser without additional software installation.
  1. Package Inclusions:
  • Office license automatically includes a mobile license, enhancing flexibility.

Special Offer Until December 31, 2023:
The first 500 heating contractors booking OfficeOn via the Bosch Partner Portal until the end of this year enjoy a free initial setup (onboarding) worth 399 euros. The onboarding includes digital training and secure data transfer, ensuring a smooth transition to the new software.

Bosch OfficeOn revolutionizes HVAC-professional workflows, offering a seamless and efficient software solution. With its user-friendly interface, real-time synchronization, and flexible licensing options, OfficeOn sets a new standard for digital management in the heating industry.

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