Beijer Ref Expands Reach in India: Acquires Chillaire Solutions for Refrigerant and HVAC Distribution

Swedish refrigeration giant Beijer Ref has made a strategic move in the Indian market, acquiring a 70% stake in Chillaire Solutions, a leading distributor of refrigerants and HVAC-related products. This acquisition signifies Beijer Ref’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the rapidly growing Indian refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

Chillaire Solutions: A Strong Local Player:

Founded in 2018, Chillaire Solutions has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market, boasting a strong distribution network and established relationships with key industry players. With annual sales of approximately SEK 120 million (USD 11.9 million), the company boasts a team of 20 skilled professionals passionate about providing efficient and reliable cooling solutions.

Strengthening Beijer Ref’s Position:

This acquisition aligns perfectly with Beijer Ref’s long-term growth strategy, allowing them to:

  • Gain a robust foothold in the Indian market: Chillaire Solutions’ existing infrastructure and market expertise provide Beijer Ref with immediate access to a vast network of customers across India.
  • Broaden product portfolio: Chillaire Solutions’ focus on refrigerants and HVAC products complements Beijer Ref’s existing offerings, creating a one-stop shop for customers’ cooling needs.
  • Leverage combined expertise: By combining Beijer Ref’s global knowledge and resources with Chillaire Solutions’ local market understanding, the partnership promises to create a powerhouse in the Indian refrigeration industry.

The Future of Cooling in India:

The Indian refrigeration and air conditioning market is projected to reach USD 13.7 billion by 2027, fueled by rising disposable incomes, urbanization, and increasing demand for energy-efficient cooling solutions. Beijer Ref’s acquisition of Chillaire Solutions positions them to capitalize on this growth, offering customers innovative products, expert advice, and reliable service.

Quote from Beijer Ref CEO:

“We are excited to welcome Chillaire Solutions into the Beijer Ref family,” said Jonas Koersner, CEO of Beijer Ref. “This acquisition is a significant step forward in our strategy to become a leading player in the Indian refrigeration and air conditioning market. We are confident that together, we can provide our customers with the best possible products and services.”

Looking Ahead:

Beijer Ref has secured an option to acquire the remaining 30% stake in Chillaire Solutions in the future, offering the potential for even deeper integration and collaboration. This move paves the way for a strong partnership, promising to shape the future of cooling in India by offering unparalleled solutions and driving sustainability and energy efficiency in the sector.

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