Acme Heats Up the 2024 AHR Expo with Advanced Electric Boilers

Acme Engineering Product Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial boilers, showcased its cutting-edge electric boiler technology at the 2024 AHR Expo, North America’s largest HVACR trade show. Held at McCormick Place in Chicago from January 23rd to 25th, the event provided Acme with the perfect platform to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable and efficient heating solutions.

Electrifying the Future of Heating:

Acme’s booth designated S6418, attracted a crowd of attendees eager to learn about the company’s advanced electric boilers. These innovative systems offer a clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered boilers.

Highlights of the Showcase:

  • CEJS High Voltage Electrode Steam Boiler: This powerhouse boiler generates maximum steam output in minimal floor space, boasting capacities from 6MW to 60MW and operating at existing distribution voltages.
  • High-Capacity Electric Boilers: Ideal for residential, industrial, and commercial district heating applications, these boilers also excel in process water heating and can even provide auxiliary power on demand.
  • Zero Emissions, Maximum Efficiency: Acme’s electric boilers operate with near-perfect efficiency, minimizing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • User-Friendly Controls and Remote Monitoring: The boilers boast intuitive controls and remote monitoring capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and ease of operation.

A Vision for a Sustainable Future:

“AHR Expo is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our best-in-class electric boiler technology to industry professionals seeking the latest advancements in sustainable heating solutions,” said Robert Presser, Vice President of Acme Engineering. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation, providing our customers with reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly heating systems that meet the demands of today’s world.”

Beyond the Expo:

Acme’s participation in the AHR Expo extends beyond the physical showcase. The company is actively engaging with industry professionals, attending panel discussions, and participating in networking events to further promote its electric boiler technology and contribute to the advancement of sustainable heating solutions within the HVACR industry.

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