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Sunova Solar Gets a Powerful New Name: Thornova Solar Rebrands for Global Growth


Sunova Solar, a well-known name in the solar energy industry, is undergoing a brand makeover. The company has announced it will officially transition to Thornova Solar, a name that reflects its commitment to global expansion and a focus on powerful performance.

A United Front for a Global Market:

This rebranding signifies a strategic move. Previously, Sunova Solar operated alongside its sister brand, Thornova Solar, primarily in North America and Mexico. Uniting under the Thornova Solar banner streamlines operations and presents a more cohesive brand identity for the international market.

Thornova: A Name Rooted in Strength

The name “Thornova” draws inspiration from the Norse god Thor, known for his immense strength and power. This symbolism aligns perfectly with the company’s mission to deliver high-efficiency solar panels and a commitment to tackling climate change through clean energy solutions.

A Seamless Transition for Customers:

Sunova Solar assures its customers that the transition to Thornova Solar will be smooth and seamless. Existing product warranties and customer service channels will remain unchanged. Customers can expect the same level of quality and commitment they’ve come to expect from Sunova Solar, now under the powerful new brand name, Thornova Solar.

A Look Ahead: Powering a Brighter Future

The launch of Thornova Solar marks a new chapter for the company. The unified brand identity positions them for further growth in the global solar energy market. With a focus on high-performance solutions and a powerful brand name, Thornova Solar is poised to become a major player in the race towards a sustainable energy future.

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