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Sedona Takes a Turn on the MS_TP: Contemporary Controls Expands Controller Compatibility with BACnet Update

Contemporary Controls’ New Sedona Unitary Controller Adds Support for BACnet MS_TP

Building automation specialists Contemporary Controls has unveiled a significant upgrade to its popular Sedona Unitary Controller series, adding native support for the BACnet MS_TP communication protocol. This move opens doors for wider integration and interoperability within building management systems (BMS) across diverse applications.

Breaking down the BACnet Barrier:

Previously, integrating Sedona Unitary Controllers with BACnet networks required costly gateways or protocol converters. The new update eliminates this hurdle, allowing direct communication over the widely used MS_TP (Master-Slave/Token-Passing) network segment. This simplifies system design, reduces hardware costs, and streamlines communication within BACnet environments.

Power in Simplicity:

The Sedona Unitary Controller, known for its user-friendly BACnet/IP functionality, now offers the same advantages within MS_TP networks. This means building operators and engineers can leverage the intuitive Sedona programming environment to create custom control logic, access real-time data, and manage BACnet devices directly from the controller.

Benefits abound:

Quote from Contemporary Controls:

“This update reaffirms our commitment to providing flexible and cost-effective building automation solutions,” says [Name and Title of Contemporary Controls spokesperson]. “Adding native BACnet MS_TP support opens doors for broader adoption of our Sedona Unitary Controllers and simplifies integration within existing BACnet installations.”

Beyond the News:

The BACnet MS_TP update positions Contemporary Controls strategically within the growing BACnet market. Their user-friendly platform, combined with increased compatibility, will likely appeal to building owners and integrators seeking cost-effective and flexible solutions for diverse control applications.

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