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Evapco Unveils PHW: A Powerful and Flexible Hybrid Cooling Solution for Industrial Applications

Evapco's new PHW induced-draft parallel hybrid fluid cooler

Evapco, a leading manufacturer of evaporative cooling solutions, has introduced the PHW induced-draft parallel hybrid fluid cooler. This innovative system combines the efficiency of evaporative cooling with the reliability of a closed-circuit cooler, offering a powerful and flexible cooling solution for industrial applications.

Addressing Industrial Cooling Needs:

Industrial processes often generate significant heat, requiring robust and efficient cooling systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures. Evapco’s PHW caters to this need by offering a hybrid approach that leverages the benefits of both evaporative and closed-circuit cooling technologies.

Optimizing Efficiency and Performance:

The PHW utilizes two key features:

This combined approach allows the PHW to achieve high cooling capacity while minimizing water usage compared to traditional evaporative coolers. Additionally, the parallel flow design ensures even cooling across the entire coil, maximizing heat transfer efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits:

A Boon for Industrial Operations:

Evapco’s PHW presents a valuable solution for industrial facilities seeking to optimize their cooling processes. This hybrid system offers the combined benefits of efficient heat removal, water conservation, and operational flexibility, making it a compelling choice for various industrial applications.

Availability and Future Outlook:

While specific details about the PHW’s launch date and pricing haven’t been disclosed yet, Evapco’s reputation for innovation positions them as a leader in the industrial cooling sector. The introduction of the PHW signifies their commitment to developing sustainable and efficient solutions that cater to the evolving needs of industrial facilities.

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